Finding our way back to ourselves - together.


Weekly Class Offerings:

Intentional Flow -

10am Saturday - ToGather Wellness Co-Op

NO CLASS ON 11/26!
Intentional Flow is an all levels Vinyasa class where we will find grounding through mindful movement, powerful music and connecting back to ourselves. You will leave feeling challenged, and contemplative. 


Born and raised in Maine, Sam spent much of her adult life traveling and taking in new places. Having found yoga as a young adult, it didn't became a real passion of hers until living in San Diego in 2017. A few years later she moved out of the country, finding that this beautiful practice kept her connected to herself while traveling. After practicing in tiny studios from Cambodia to New Zealand, Sam knew she had a call to share this practice with others.

She visited Samudra Studio in Biddeford for the first time and knew it was where she needed to take the next step on her path. Sam completed her RYT 200 in the Spring of 2022, alongside some beautiful souls. This journey had also led her into other modalities of healing, including becoming a Reiki Practitioner. She has found deep personal growth through these practices and hopes to bring them to others with an open heart.

Sam doesn't always believe the road most traveled is the best path to take, and often forges her own way. She loves to create, and find beauty in the world around her and encourages others to do the same. Her deepest intention for her classes is to create a safe space and an escape from the world outside. Come exactly as you are, and she will always do the same.

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